creating dreams

Your Journey



To begin with let’s get together, grab a coffee, or a glass of wine if you prefer, sit down and talk plans, dreams and share Pinterest boards. I like to think of my consultations as a relaxed, get to know each other meet where you do most of the talking and I do the listening. During this time together, we will be able to identify if we are the perfect ‘working together’ match.

The Proposal

Following our consultation, you will receive a proposal with floral design ideas. I will also include a brief of flower availability given the season of your event as well as a detailed breakdown of costs to cover.

Hand Tied Bouquet of Flowers

Design Time

Once the proposal has been accepted and a booking fee has gone through, the fun part begins! I will carefully put together a digital mood board with images of the design ideas for you to visualise. During the design period you will be able to finalise your choice of flowers and floral arrangements. My passion is to give you exactly what you envision in your dreams for your event, therefore working together closely during this time to execute the design is important, but most of all very fun for us both.

Conditioning Your Flowers

A few days leading up to your wedding or event I will receive your flower order. The flowers arrive boxed and packaged. So, it’s then time to nurture them, and make them beautiful. I will delicately prepare them by stripping away excess leaves and bruised petals, cut their ends and give them a good drink of water with added flower food so they blossom in time for your big day.

Let’s Get Creative!

The final stage of this wonderful journey together, but my absolute favourite! The big day has arrived or is just upon us and it’s time to create your floral designs. These can be created a day or two prior to the event, depending on the designs.

Pink Rose with White Flowers